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This page gives all information about this year’s contest in detail. In the "Call of the contest" tab you can meet the categories of Green-Go 2015, get inspired by the accompanying videos, then read through the general and application requirements, the prizes and the terms and conditions.
After you’re all set and ready with your competing short film, hit the Apply for Green-Go 2015 tab and show us and the audience what you got!



  • Are you concerned to hear of children risking their health and lives working in gold mines?
  • Is it shocking for you to imagine that once blooming nature is not here anymore?
  • You can’t agree that fair trade is just a short-lived fashion?

The organisers of Green-Go Short Film Contest are waiting for attention grabbing short films focused on consumption, resource extraction and the benefits of Europe’s nature. We expect films that raise awareness about specific problem or show a solution. Make a film in the following three themes that has a high impact on citizens and decision makers and calls them to act so our world becomes a better place to live.

The best shorts will not only win valuable prizes but will be showed at international events that affect our future!

You can submit your short film in the following 3 categories:

#1 Our footprint on Earth

Do you want to show that overconsumption is a pressing problem? Have you made changes in your life to consume less or more ethical? Love fair trade? Prefer buying local?

If you made changes in your life to consume less or you know others who did, if you love fair trade or buying local – this is your category! Make a film about innovative ways to reduce consumption. Show how consumers can make ethical choices like purchasing food from small, nearby farms, choosing fair-trade or even producing food for themselves! Show how you reached zero waste in your household or make sustainable choices when buying. Show how it made your life better. Explain what drives you to change. Inspire others to do the same – or more.

If you are running a small business that works in sustainable ways consider submitting a film in this category.

  • Make a film about overconsumption or the innovative ways to change or reduce it! Raise awareness and inspire others!

Get inspired by these videos:

#2 Two faces of exploitation

Do you see the dark side of raw material extraction, like mining or oil drilling? Are you aware that one million children work in mines all over the world? Do you think that such mining is not worth the social or environmental price?

Sometimes all is fine there, sometimes problems happen. Human rights get violated. People – sometimes indigenous peoples – get displaced without their consent and loose access to agricultural land. Children work there. Workers mine without protective clothing and proper equipment in environment that is hazardous to health. Accidents happen that may have been prevented. And then there are environmental problems – erosion, loss of biodiversity, contamination of water and soil and abandoned mines that nobody cares to close down properly.

  • Shoot a film and raise your voice for the protection of people and nature!

Get inspired by these videos or read more about the theme on Stop Mad Mining:

#3 You are part of nature. Live with it!

Let’s imagine there is a court process to decide whether to keep European nature or to get rid of it. The only evidence in favour of nature would be three short films. One of them would be yours.What film would that be?

One filled with beautiful memories or one with arguments on creating green jobs and generating other benefits for people? Would you show benefits that nature gives people – a forest that cleans drinking water, a wetland that saves villages from flood, a meadow that helps bees to make honey, a forest that cools the air (and let’s not forget the mushrooms), or swallows that catch mosquitoes? Would you argue for the establishment of the largest protected area network – or has it been done already?

  • Make your stance for European nature!

Get inspired by these videos and read more here:


  • COMPLETELY fill out the online application form for contest films!
  • The films should not be longer than 4 minutes. The shorter the better. Aim for 60-90 seconds.
  • Films can be of any genre (cartoon, animation, puppet film, documentary, interviews, etc.)
  • Send us the original film file (in any film format) via the below detailed file transfer websites in high resolution (at least 720 px wide)
  • Besides the film file send us the following files via Wetransfer (up to 2GB file size) or via My Air Bridge (up to 5GB file size):
    • time-coded subtitle file in English (.srt format). A separate time-coded subtitle file must be attached also to films without dialogues but with floating titles/texts. Only English subtitles are accepted!
    • 3 screenshots from the short film (.jpg format)
  • One applicant can only submit a maximum of three films (separate online application should be filled out for each)

The winners of each of the three categories will be decided by a jury by 15 October. Please be aware if any of the criteria mentioned above is not met, we will not accept the application!


  • Category winners: gift voucher worth 700 EUR each in an acclaimed online store.
  • One public award for the film collecting the most votes on the Green-Go website: gift voucher worth 500 EUR in an acclaimed online store.

Winners will be notified by email, information will also be available on on 15 October 2015 after closing the public award voting.

  • The received short films will be selected based on:
    • creativity and
    • originality
    • strength of social, environmental and conservation messages
    • potential impact on citizens and decision makers
    • professionalism

The films will be evaluated by a jury consisting of film professionals and NGO members. In each category, the jury will announce ONE winner on 15 October 2015.

Besides, the jury will decide about the best videos that will be uploaded to the website of the contest, by 1 October 2015, where the visitors will be able to view the films and vote online for the best one between 13:00 CET 1 October 2015 and 13:00 CET 14 October 2015.

Only one public award, out of the total number of videos of all categories, will be dedicated to the video with the largest number of votes and will be announced after the public voting ends.


You do not want to shoot a film, but would like to voice your opinion on the above issues? Talk to the camera and send your video recorded message to us and we will make sure that it reaches those who can make a difference!

  • Video recorded messages shall be maximum 30 seconds long.

A collage film will be made from the testimonies and your voice will be heard at relevant international events.


  • COMPLETELY fill out the online application form for testimonies!
  • Send us the original film file (in any film format) via the below detailed file transfer websites via Wetransfer (up to 2GB file size) or via My Air Bridge (up to 5GB file size)


  • For both the contest films and testimonies: 15 September 2015 CET 18:00

We wish you all a creative film shooting!



Terms and conditions

The applicants of this short film contest confirm that the organisers, namely CEEweb for Biodiversity and their international affiliates can freely use the videos of the applicants for non-commercial use indicating the name of the copyright owner and director. The organisers therefore should be granted with an exclusive license of rights and all underlying material thereto, including, without limitation, the exclusive, worldwide right to exploit, sublicense, and assign the videos and all ancillary and derivative rights thereto in all media now known or hereafter devised in any and all languages (the “Exclusive Rights”) including the right to permit such video to be posted and viewed by third parties on the Green-Go’s and the organisers’ website. The applicants thus approve that the organisers can use, screen and publicize the videos and their parts freely, free of charge and without any restrictions. The applicant cannot pursue any charges or demands in relation to using the videos by the organisers for non-commercial objectives. The organisers cannot broadcast the films for profit-gaining reason.
The applicants are free to use the copyright of the video and screen, publicize, use, sell, etc. their productions in relation to any other contest or entities besides this contest.
The organisers cannot make any significant changes without the permission of the makers of the videos. If the videos are broadcasted by the organisers or their affiliates, the organisers are always obliged to indicate the name of the producer/director of the videos.
The organisers are not responsible for any copyright violating entries. The organisers reserve the right to exclude any videos from the contest if ethical or legal concerns arise in relation to copyrights and during the voting.

The applicants confirm that all persons appearing on the videos have given their permission for the use of their images, and their dignity and human rights are respected in the making of the film.

The award winner prizes’ vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash or other prizes. The vouchers will be valid in acclaimed online stores also operating in the award-winner applicants’ countries. The award winners will be requested to sign and send via regular mail a declaration form on receiving the vouchers.

We reserve the right to put only those short films on the website, which were approved by the jury members. If any ethical concerns or the suspect of cheating in the mode of voting arise, we reserve the right to exclude the applicant from the contest without any further notice.