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  • Are you worried not to provide healthy food to your children anymore?
  • Are you working on the development of circular economy as a designer or an entrepreneur?
  • Do you want to act against that once blooming nature is on its way to become a distant memory?

The organisers of Green-Go Short Film Contest are waiting for attention grabbing short films focused on agriculture, circular economy and the benefits of Europe’s nature. We expect films that raise awareness about specific problem or show a solution. Make a film in the following three themes that has a high impact on citizens and decision makers and calls them to act so our world becomes a better place to live.

The best shorts will not only win valuable prizes but will be showed at international events that affect our future!

You can submit your short film in the following 3 categories:

by Karlo Pušić under CC0 (cropped)

#1 Small is beautiful

Why should we change to small scale and forget about intensive agriculture?

John was a farmer of few hectares providing his community with healthy and fresh food. Then, next door land was purchased by a large farmer using pesticide and planting only wheat on thousands of hectares. The results became devastating. Water and vegetables turned bad, bees and birds disappeared, the food was not healthy anymore. John could not provide good food to locals anymore. Almost 400 billion EUR (40% of the total EU budget) goes to agricultural support, but not in a sustainable way. Small scale farmers are hardly supported, while health, nature and quality food are not in focus anymore.

Do you have a good example of sustainable farming? Do you want to show that we need a change?

  • Make a film about issues caused by intensive agriculture or small-scale farming solutions! Raise awareness and inspire others!

Get inspired by these videos:

#2 Round’n’round

The answer to our planet’s resource challenge, the circular economy

Instead of the ’throw-away economy’ we need a circular economy, which better serves the people and does not destroy the planet. Industrial symbiosis, resource recovery,  lifetime expansion or urban mining are few way, which can help to achieve the absolute reduction in resource use.

Do you have a brilliant idea or working example about circular economy? Do you want to show it to the world?

  • Shoot a film and raise your voice for the sustainable use of our planets resources and benefits of circular economy!

Get inspired by these videos or get to know more about the theme here

Medvecsalád by Robert Pall (cropped)

#3 Act naturally!

Raise your voice for European nature!

The majestic Iberian lynx only counts around 100 adults. Monk seals, once abundant in the waters of Greece, have less than 500 individuals. The playful European mink is now critically endangered. These and other 1200 species’ only stronghold is the largest network of protected areas in the world, the Natura 2000 network. These areas are all around you!

Go out, experience Europe’s natural wonders and show it to the world that it is worth protecting nature! For us, for our children!

  • Make your stance for European nature!

Get inspired by these videos and read more here:


  • COMPLETELY fill out the online application form for contest films!
  • The films should not be longer than 4 minutes. The shorter the better. Aim for 60-90 seconds.
  • Films can be of any genre (cartoon, animation, puppet film, documentary, interviews, etc.)
  • Send us the original film file (in any film format) via the below detailed file transfer websites in high resolution (at least 720 px wide)
  • Besides the film file send us the following files via Wetransfer (up to 2GB file size) or via My Air Bridge (up to 5GB file size):
    • time-coded subtitle file in English (.srt format). A separate time-coded subtitle file must be attached also to films without dialogues but with floating titles/texts. Only English subtitles are accepted!
    • 3 screenshots from the short film (.jpg format)
  • One applicant can only submit a maximum of three films (separate online application should be filled out for each)
  • Send all the material to

The winners of each of the three categories will be decided by a jury by 17 November. Please be aware if any of the criteria mentioned above is not met, we will not accept the application!


  • Category winners: gift voucher worth 700 EUR each in an acclaimed online store.
  • One public award for the film collecting the most votes on the Green-Go website: gift voucher worth 400 EUR in an acclaimed online store.

Winners will be notified by email, information will also be available on on 17 November 2016 after closing the public award voting.

  • The received short films will be selected based on:
    • creativity and
    • originality
    • strength of social, environmental and conservation messages
    • potential impact on citizens and decision makers
    • professionalism

The films will be evaluated by a jury consisting of film professionals and NGO members. In each category, the jury will announce ONE winner on 17 November 2016.

Besides, the jury will decide about the best videos that will be uploaded to the website of the contest, by 8 November 2016, where the visitors will be able to view the films and vote online for the best one between 13:00 CET 8 November 2016 and 13:00 CET 16 November 2016.

Only one public award, out of the total number of videos of all categories, will be dedicated to the video with the largest number of votes and will be announced after the public voting ends.


31 October 2016 CET 24:00

We wish you all a creative film shooting!



Terms and conditions

The applicants of this short film contest confirm that the organisers, namely CEEweb for Biodiversity and their international affiliates, can freely use the videos of the applicants for non-commercial use, if they accepted this condition at the application. The applicants are requested to indicate whether they wish to participate in the public award contest thus granting the organisers with an exclusive license. The organisers therefore should be granted with a permission for such video to be posted and viewed by third parties on the Green-Go’s and the organisers’ website. The applicants thus approve that the organisers can use, screen and publicize the videos and their parts freely, free of charge and without any restrictions. The organisers cannot broadcast the films for profit-gaining reason. The applicant cannot pursue any charges or demands in relation to the copyright. In case the applicant doesn’t want to grant an exclusive license for the organiser, the organiser still may contact the applicant for permissions in terms of screening in a later stage. The organisers cannot make any relevant changes without the permission of the makers of the videos. If the videos are broadcasted by the organisers or their affiliates, the organisers are always obliged to indicate the title, and the name of the producer/director of the videos. The organisers are not responsible for any copyright violating entries. The organisers reserve the right to exclude any videos from the contest if ethical or legal concerns arise in relation to copyrights and during the voting.

The applicants are free to use the copyright of the video and screen, publicize, use, sell, etc. their productions in relation to any other contest or entities besides this contest.

The applicants confirm that all persons appearing on the videos have given their permission for the use of their images, and their dignity and human rights are respected in the making of the film.

The award winner prizes’ vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash or other prizes. The vouchers will be valid in acclaimed online stores also operating in the award-winner applicant’s countries. The award winners will be requested to sign and send via regular mail a declaration form on receiving the vouchers.

We reserve the right to put only those short films on the website, which was approved by the staff or jury members. If any ethical concerns or the suspect of cheating in the mode of voting arise, we reserve the right to exclude the applicant from the contest without any further notice.