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Cinema Dehors
by Tatiana Poliektova and Filippo Rivetti, Russia, Australia
Becoming Vegan: Alyssa's Story
by Shannon R. Giedieviells, USA
by Hugo Oda, Brasil
Protesters of Szentgotthárd
by Zoltán Horváth, Hungary
Fair Play
by Branko Istvancic, Croatia
Full Petrol Jacket
by Hermes Mangialardo, Italy
Ecological footprint on the water
by Laszlo Waszlavik, Hungary
The overpopulation of the Earth
by Valach Márk, Hungary
The Plastic Age
by Dr Gina Maffey, Brazil
Safe Water: Make the Dream a Reality
by Alexis Schneider, USA
by Pedro Kalli Alves, Brazil
By the River
by Eduardo Boone, Brazil
The only thing we were given
by Nicolás Gemio Ruiz, Germany
Switch Off
by Susnata Paul, India
Take a right step
by Vladimir Pridoroghin, Ukraine
A better place
by Marisa Crespo & Moisés Romera, Spain
Never too late
by Viktor Egly, Hungary
by Önder M. Özdem, Turkey
Chiloé Coming Afloat
by Erick Vigouroux, Chile
Under the stars
by Judit Berec, Serbia
Think Forests
by Carly Johnson, USA
Future Smiles
by Tharun Ainampudi, India
On a pig farm
by Charlotte Dekeyser, Belgium
What the Flute Wants to Sing
by Karin Hazé, Canada
Black Reality
by Denys Kushnarov, Ukraine
Bear Whisperer
by Murányi Sándor Olivér, Hungary
Now we are taller than trees
by Mehrdad Eghbali, Malaysia
A 100% recycled film
by Tamara Kotevska, Macedonia
The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg
by Colin Scheyen & Shane Smith, Canada
A Journey from Waste to Wear
by Healthy Seas, Netherlands
The run
by Gábor Balla and Frigyes Zoltán Kovács, Hungary
by S. Okan Aydin, Turkey
Earth Overshoot Day 2015
by Alexandre Magnin, Canada
Melody of dawn
by Kamila Lis, Poland
Vietnam 4D Experience
by Juan Alberto Poveda Paredes & Pedro Javier Poveda Paredes, Spain
What Weee Are - Weee Cutter Ants
by Alessandra Turcato and Alessio De Marchi, Italy
by Gergely Csorba, Hungary
How many kilometers did you eat today?
by Laurence Strubbe, Belgium
by Andoni SanGaley, Spain
The Fischer Enquiry
by Jon Callow, UK
by Jordi Piulachs and Lula Gómez, Spain
St. Jacques Atol
by Wacław Marat, Poland
by István Labancz, Hungary
Cold Showers
by Victor Elgersma, Belgium
Clean town – clear conscience
by Volodymyr Maliovanyi, Ukraine
Different perspectives
by Klara Hajdu, Hungary
Botle of the good
by Andriy Tanchyn, Ukraine
Nature punches back
by Erika Zorgel, Hungary
84 Days is Asia
by Sophie Martin, Canada
The Circle
by Vasil Valentinov Ganev, Bulgaria
Urban Conformation 31:41
by Florian Rouzaud Cornabas, United Arab Emirates
Water-hope of life
by Simran Jeet Singh, India
The future of our World
by Jurkovics Milán, Hungary
The Prophecy
by Apoorvaa Bichu, United Arab Emirates
The 24th Hour
by Domonkos Gyimesi, Hungary
The Wagtails' Tale
by Oliver Mueller, United Kingdom
Save Nature
by Prakhar Deep Jain, India
Jonas - The story of a young ice miner
by Borbála Láng, Romania
The Barb
by A. S. Hakan GOK, Turkey
Save the nature!
by Snizhana Palazhchenko, Poland
Hot & Bothered
by Giannina La Salvia, United Kingdom
Warm in here?
by Alexis Schneider, USA
by Nawa BIjaya Shrestha, Nepal
The Story of One Oak
by Tatiana Moshkova, Russia
Better than Pompeii - The Death Cloud Experience
by Carol and Edward Lyon, United Kingdom
Water for Future
by Nash Ang, Philippines, South Korea
Gold rush
by Jonathan Happ, Katja Becker, Kenya / Germany
Let's Grow!
by Nicolás Gemio, Germany
Zero emission is not just a fairy tale
by Tea Lukač, Serbia
Wild Lights
by Sophie Martin, Canada
Townspeople's Oasis
by Tibor Balogh, Hungary
Help to the World
by Milovan Gyukin, Hungary
You never know...
by Zoltan Porpaczy, Hungary
Message from the future
by Kiss P. Balázs, Hungary
by Maciej Gryzelko, Poland
Doña Ubenza
by Juan Manuel Costa, Argentina
Update error
by Patrycja Plich, Poland
Bean World
by Hakan Berber, Turkey
Future 2.0
by Richárd Kassai, Hungary
Plant' Earth
by Pang Yen Ser, Singapore
Overconsumption - Carmella Guiol - My Story
by Aaron Harrigan, USA
Autumn Leaves
by Saman Hosseinpuor, Iran
Every Drip Counts
by Carly Johnson, USA
Earth Hour Azerbaijan 2015 Green Baku | Оfficial aftermovie
by Samir Gadirov, Azerbaijan
The Eaters
by Besim Ugzmajli, Kosovo
Seriously Deadly Silence
by Sara Koppel, Denmark
Faunal composition and contanimation of Gaja-brook in Székesfehérvár
by Márk Kalina, Hungary
Meat World
by Jo Ara, Germany
by Riley Hooper, USA
Child Labor
by Prerana Pai, United Arab Emirates
Living with Coal
by Kelmend Hapçiu, Kosovo
Short Food Supply Chains for a sustainable future
by Anthony Denayer, Belgium
Clean Power. Green Power
by Brennan Strader, USA
Eco-cartoon for kids
by Yana Kanievska, Ukraine
Salt rent
by Hasan Kılıç, Turkey
How Green is Fairtrade?
by Hywel George, United Kingdom
My Riverside Story
by Nash Ang, Philippines, South Korea
Forest dream
by Gál László, Romania
The Human Development Timebomb
by Rachelle Keeling, South Africa
From Grain to Painting
by Branko Istvancic, Croatia
Without Nature We Would Not Exist
by András Guti, Hungary
Save the whale in the ocean
by Elena Kasian, Ukraine
The future of the nature
by Penészleki Iskola, Hungary
Unsafe water
by Mostefa Benghernaout, Algeria