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January over Tetovo
by Ana Andonova, Macedonia
Nature Circle
by Jun Meng Foo, Singapore
by Tamara Fuchs, Hungary
Four material
by Ádám Csider, Hungary
Fashion cycle
by Balaban Luisa, Romania
The young man and the sea
by José María Arijo, Spain
Man made
by Sam Williamson, Australia
You are not cool
by David Milenkovic, Serbia
by Szűcs Gergely, Hungary
Zero waste animation
by Martin Bakardzhiev, Bulgaria
by Lim Jinn, Cornelius Lim, Christie Lim, Singapore
The refugium of the Carpathian forest fauna
by Agnieszka Nowak, Damian Nowak, Poland
The Change
by Yadu Krishnan, India
Ilafa Likolo Arthure: A Craftsmans Story
by Thatcher Bean, The Democratic Republic of the Congo
The future of Tim
by Luisa Balaban, Romania
Sense and Sustainability
by Jordan L Rodgers, United Kingdom
Sustainable Green
by Varaprasad GVB, India
The only pencil that you can plant after use
by Rolf Glumsoe Nielsen, Denmark
Green to Grey
by Szilveszter Mészáros, Hungary
by Minhaj Shaikh, Turkey
by David Milenkovic, Serbia
ArchiGreen +
by Claudia Oliveira, Portugal
Small is the new big
by Quentin Carbonnelle, Belgium
Too cool to be killed
by Brigitta Katyina, Hungary
The Castle hill of Verpelét
by Dávid Mihályi, Hungary
by Athithya Kanagarajan, India
Freshwatter pearl mussle in Czech Republic
by Beleco, Z.S., Czech Republic
Go Tallinn
by Riho Vastrik, Estonia
Stop the production
by Yelena Grigorenko, Spain
Bogs, flowing waters and grasslands in the Bavarian Forest National Park
by Ingo Zahlheimer, Germany
The garbage
by Kushtrim Asllani, Albania
by Hamish Brooks, Australia
A short cycle of nature
by István Süveg, Hungary
Central Balkan National Park
by direct media | KRES, Bulgaria
Natura 2000
by Krisztina Kovács, Hungary
The Difference
by K Shyam Kumar, India
Waste Bequest
by Esen Gökçe Özdamar, Turkey
Talbot Forest: The Gem of Geraldine
by Max Paterson, New Zealand
The Reminder
by Arun S Panakkal, India
Cross Border Cooperation between Macedonia and Albania for sustainable use of Ohrid trout
by Ljupcho Vasilev, Macedonia
Wounded soul
by NGO ''Župa u srcu'' - Aleksandar Dačević, Montenegro
Karma Rewind
by Ronish Raut, Nepal
Farming with Nature for Sustainability
by Anne-Sophie Blanc, Switzerland
Take an action!
by Dejan Djurasinovic, Serbia
Path to Wellness
by Dr. G.A.S. Ginigaddara, Sri Lanka
Car as a pollutant
by Nina Fanka, Serbia
From the past to the present
by Gábor Balla, Hungary
Muddy Footprint
by Tess Rose Dickinson, United Kingdom
It depends on us
by Vassily Koloskov, Russian Federation
Take care of nature
by David Milenkovic, Serbia
Do not forget who you are.
by Tamara Stojanovic, Serbia
Mackenzy Vil: The Lo-Fab Movement
by Thatcher Bean, Haiti
by Khukhua Tornike, Georgia
The Milk Spring
by Grosu Catalin, Romania
Food for Earth
by Nikola Zhivkov Barbov, Bulgaria
by Zsuzsanna Somogyi, Hungary
Still Inside
by Tomás Frezza, Argentina
Here, once, alone
by Salvatore Insana, Italy
by Ross Hendrick, United Kingdom
by Anna Elsa Karika, Latvia
by Imran Karlidag, Turkey
Act or Regret
by Nermesh Thind, Malaysia
Functional Planting
by Corine Holtmaat and Mans van den Berg, USA, the Netherlands
Atanasovsko Lake Water Circle
by Pavilion Studio, Bulgaria
Today , Tomorrow
by Mustapha Benghernaout, Algeria
by Nuray Çelik, Turkey
An annoying film about the truth
by Ádám Matyikánics, Hungary
Paint of water
by Saeed NaghavianSaeed Naghavian, Iran
Starting to small
by David Liew Yao Xiong, Singapore
Russian Roulette
by Mariann Nagy, Hungary
by Sebastian Becker, Slovenia
Bring your garbage down
by Nikola Zhivkov Barbov, Bugaria
Kayaking on the Skawa River
by Marcin Krzyżański, Poland
Don't waste your motivation
by Gábor Balla, Hungary
by Zsolt Attila Jakab, Hungary
Pesticides? No, thanks!
by Dejan Kreculj, Repubic of Serbia
Cradle to Cradle - Remaking the way we make things
by Martin Pabis, Tammo Trantow, Andreas Foerster, Animal Design Studio, A-Graz, Austria
An amazing creation
by King Philip Caronan, Italy
Missing Harmony
by Péter Vadócz, Hungary
Fit a BinStrap
by Damien Goodfellow, Ireland
Stange world
by David Milenkovic, Serbia
by Shaik Mahaboob Basha, India
Save a cup
by Dennis Todorov and Alexander Marinov-Sancho, Bulgaria
Go Green Global Campaign! against climate change
by Ronald Onyang, Uganda
Save The World
by Comp 1, Singapore
Act Naturally
by Andrei Matalyha, Estonia
Think green
by Christina Pande, Tanzania
Negative Impact On Thick Shelled River Mussel
by Șerban Carțș, Romania
Agroecology. Silent Revolution
by Cecilia Vargas & Jonjo Harrington, Mexico