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If you have any questions, please make sure that you search for it first in the FAQs. In case you have not found it, please contact Erzsebet Ohegyi in the following email address:



  • How long can my film be?
    1/2 – 4 minutes, but 60-90 seconds preferably.
  • What’s the deadline?
    15 September 2015.
  • What genres are accepted?
    Any. Cartoon, animation, puppet film, documentary, interviews, etc.
  • What kind of formats do you accept?
    Any format, but the film should be at least in 720p (720 pixel wide).
  • How many films can I submit?
    Maximum three.
  • When can we vote?
    Between 13:00 CET 1 October 2015 and 13:00 CET 14 October 2015.
  • How can I receive the award?
    In vouchers that you can use in your country.
  • When will be the winners notified?
    On 15 October 2015.


Check out our guide on how can you transfer the film file.