How Can I Transfer The Film File?

First be sure that you have:

  • your film files in high resoultion (at least 720px wide) in any video format
  • time coded subtitle in english
  • 3 caption photos from your film

If you have these, first type in your browser: (if the files are all together less than 2 GB)

or (if the files are all together more than 2 GB but less than 5 GB)

In this guide we explain how to use WeTransfer, but MyAirBridge works very similar.

Step 1

On the left side of the website you can find a small box with the following options:

  • + add files
  • friend’s e-mail
  • your e-mail
  • message

click for high resoultion

Click on add files. In the dialogue box you can choose the film file, the subtitle file as well as the 3 caption pictures from your computer. After you choose the files, click “Open”. Your files to be sent are now added.

wetransfer 2

Step 2

In the “Friend’s email” field write:

In the “Your email” field write your email address. We suggest you to write here the same address you provide in the application form.

In the message field write your name.

wetransfer 3

Step 3

Click on the “Transfer” button. If you completely filled the requested fields, the following page will appear. Do not close your web browser until the upload is not completed!

wetransfer 4

Step 4

After the upload is completed, you will recieve a confirmation email.

wetransfer 5

Step 5

Copy the download link from the confirmation e-mail, and paste it in the relevant field in the online application form.


If you uploaded your film succesfully, filled the application form and copied your film’s download page, you are ready to submit your short!