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Lest we forget
by Rasmus Eriksson & Connor O'Sullivan, Luxembourg
For a better Earth
by Shereen Nidal Nanish, Jordan
Green Space
by Mark Ferguson, United Kingdom
by Luan Hykaj, Albania
Blue Fragments
by Dénes Ruzsa & Fruzsina Spitzer, Hungary
by Dénes Ruzsa & Fruzsina Spitzer, Hungary
by Gev Harutyunyab, Armenia
Children's right
by Solmaz Etemadzadeh, Iran
The City
by Breech Asher Harani, Philippines
The secret of your smartphone
by Piotr Chmielewski, Poland
You have the choice
by Horizon Egypt, Egypt
Importance of the individual
by Emily Trummer, Austria
The Fish
by Radovan Vukasović, Portugal
The State of Emergency
by Victoria Bilash, Germany
The Future
by Adegoke Todimu, Nigeria
by Karlina Marta Zvirbule, Latvia
Life in One's Hand
by Prince Loyd Besorio, Philippines
A door hinged to oblivion
by Teymour Ghaderi, Iran
Happy World
by Hasan Jubair, Bangladesh
Going to Green is a Simple Way
by Aulia Rachman A, Indonesia
The Day After Ganpati Visarjan
by Ajit Sawant, India
by Alexey Protsenko, Russia
Care about nature for beginners
by Deborah Bosland, Netherlands
Pet man
by Marzieh Abrarpaydar, Iran
by Barelli Marcel, Switzerland
by A. M. Senthamizhan, India
Heaven or Never
by Ooi Zhang Xun, Malaysia
Change the World
by Ivan Volyanskyi, Ukraine
Seeds of hope
by K. N. Sharan, India
by Márton Barnás & István Labancz, Hungary
Self-destruction of the civilization
by Monika Sochańska, Poland
2018 World Flora Expo: From Taichung City to the world
by Taichung City Gov, Taiwan
Novi Sad: I will never go down this street again!
by Ruža Helać, Serbia
From ground to wall
by Gábor Rumann, Hungary
by András Bogár-Szabó, Hungary
Environmental Festival: A Step Towards Awareness
by Varun Mehta, India
Gloom Globle Green
by Kugeneswaran Tamilmany, Malaysia
Ban plastic bags (covers)
by Nandikanti Sai Kumar, India
Screams of Nature
by Rosi Ajeng Khusnul Hanifa, Indonesia
Farming the common sea
by Emily Temperton, England
Nature Calls
by Harry Vincent, Australia
by Hristina Belousova, Uzbekistan
The Republic of Moldova: Just in Time for a Better Tomorrow?
by Peter Zloy, Republic of Moldova
Diamond in the rough
by Kalin Nonchev, Bulgaria
The one planet story
by Arina Chasovskikh, Russia
Loud Statement
by Pavlo Nesterov, Czech Republic
by Alexey Protsenko, Russia
What will happen in the afternoon?
by Gábor Balla, Hungary
The waste barter
by Salvo Manzone, Italy
by Francisco Arturo Rojas, Dominican Republic
by Morten Risom Nielsen, Denmark
by Christos Koudroglou, Greece
Please use me
by Kitbok Kharmalki, India
Fair play
by Branko Istvancic, Croatia
Time's up
by Rohit Lila Ram, Pakistan
Only forever
by Alexia Montuori, Canada
Everyone counts!
by Zsombor Kiss, Hungary
Fish's new life
by Mustapha Benghernaout, Algeria
The can
by Alexey Protsenko, Russia
Act in time!
by Giuliano Salvatore & Ádám József Kiss, Hungary
Clear Your Brains
by Alek Stoykov, Bulgaria